Transmissions Repair Service

Transmissions are one of the most complex assemblies in any vehicle, but our meticulous approach to transmission diagnostics allows us to spot the source of performance issues in all makes and models.


Transmissions Problems

How useful would your car be if it were stuck in first gear all the time?

Transmissions care

Fortunately, Sharp Transmissions is here to offer assistance wherever you are. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, our master technicians have the experience to troubleshoot internal and external problems and provide a detailed estimate and explanation. We do transmission repair service;  transmissions repair in Las Vegas and transmissions repair in North las Vegas. 

Transmissions Scan Services

  • Check transmission fluid levels and clarity.
  • Check level and condition of differential and transfer case fluid.
  • Perform comprehensive road testing to identify problems in:
    • Initial engagements for each gear.
    • Drive range for each gear.
    • Upshift/downshift timing and quality.
    • Passing gear.
    • TCC engagement.
    • Neutral, park, and reverse gears.
    • General noise.
    • Engine vibration and idle.
    • 4x4/AWD performance.

Also Covers

  • Shift and TV/detent linkages and cables
  • Vacuum connections
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wiring

Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose the exact source of your car troubles and provide a comprehensive estimate before you ever commit to major repairs. That’s why we’ve been a leader in transmission repair for more than 20 years in Southern Nevada.